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Classroom 2.0 and Global Awareness


My reflection on Silvia Tolisano’s K12Online 2007 presentation titled Travel Through Space and Time.
First of all, Silvia Tolisano’s presentation was visually rich and interesting to watch. In addition to that, it is an amazing retelling of her experience in traveling to China with another teacher from the San Jose Episcopal Day School in Jacksonville Florida. There are links to the China travel blog and the next year’s trip to Egypt blog on her presentation page, plus links and information on web2.0 tools she used to connect the students from her school to China as she traveled there to bring them a more global understanding of that culture. What a fantastic opportunity for teachers to be able to travel and then share another culture, almost in real time with their students. The whole school participated in this event and it appeared to me that everyone benefited from the experience.

I particularly appreciate that the travel blogs are still there for other teachers to use should they want to take their class on a virtual trip to China or Egypt. On the teacher resource page she has helpful suggestions for doing just that. I may be able to recommend this website to the classroom teachers in my school, or I may even choose one of the grade levels that I teach and take them on a mini-tour of one of these countries.
I realized that I had recently bookmarked another great tutorial by Silvia Tolisano. I believe I found it from the educators group in Diigo that I joined. At her blog Langwitches, she details how to do a Digital Storytelling Project using Google maps. I am sure that I will be looking at that as well during the coming school year!

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“Classroom 2.0 and Global Awareness”

  1. August 5th, 2008 at 4:47 pm       Langwitches Says:

    Thank you for reviewing my presentation Travel through Space and Time. It has been an amazing experience to be able to travel and connect our students to the experiences through technology. We are on the move again and will be traveling to Latin America, specifically to Costa Rica and Peru, this coming September/October. You can travel along through out blog

    Thank you again
    Silvia Tolisano
    aka Langwitches

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